Job seeking can seem frustratingly complex, but focusing on 15 core steps can set you on the direct path to a new job. Do you agree with the list? What’s missing?

Take these 15 steps to land a job

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  1. Determine the exact job that you want.
  2. Assess (and list) your strengths and weaknesses for THAT job. Develop and follow an action plan to overcome weaknesses.
  3. Create a resume that plays up your strengths for THAT job. Customize it for each opening.
  4. Prepare a list of references. Make sure your references are ready and willing.
  5. Write a strong cover letter. Customize it for each opening.
  6. Create a LinkedIn profile that plays up your strengths. Grow your LinkedIn network.
  7. Ask for job leads. Be specific. Follow up on leads. Thank your network.
  8. Research / compile a list of target companies. Research and enlist the help of recruiters who specialize in the company/field/industry. Conduct research on LinkedIn.
  9. Search for and apply for jobs online, but don’t stop there – outmaneuver the online systems.
  10. Contact hiring managers directly.
  11. Help others further their business/job goals. Attend events with decision makers. Set up coffees/lunches with influential people. Ask people to vouch for you. Prepare them to help.
  12. Be ready to interview well. Prove why you are the BEST candidate. Prepare for difficult questions. Ask the right questions. Determine if you are interested. Practice. (Download the Interviewing Well e-Book)
  13. Follow up after interviews. Ask for the job.
  14. Research salary ranges. Be ready to negotiate salary effectively.
  15. Review your job-search progress. Make necessary adjustments. Ask for professional career help. Keep trying.
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Take the necessary steps in your career search! Doing so can help you … Get a job!