The real estate dream you can also meet later – thanks to forwarding loans.

If interest rates rise again soon? In so many homebuyers than ever provide. Make sure you get the low-interest rates by online payday loans.

The building interest in Germany is historically low, even if they are now a bit far higher than in autumn 2016. Unlike the United States, interest rates in Europe have not been increased, however even here the discussions about an end to taking the exceptionally loose monetary policy. This environment means that an increasing number of borrowers want to secure favorable long-term loan interest using a forward loan.

According to data from the financial services provider Dr. Smalls these loans last so much in demand as never before. In February was in line with almost one in five completed credit this form of follow-up financing with which interest rates were up to 66 months to commit in advance, says Michael Neumann, CEO of Dr. Small.

Experience has shown growing among borrowers the interest forward loans when rising interest rates expected. Here, the yields of mortgage bonds and government bonds, on which construction interest tend oriented, quickly moved in recent weeks to the top have.

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Where there are cheap real estate loans? The FAZ Mortgage Comparison

According to data from the financial services FMH a mortgage of committed ten-year interest rates currently costs the national average 1.41 percent. In October, there was only 1.03 percent low. But even this value can still find borrowers. The selected FMH financial institutions, ranging currently from 0.99 to 2 percent.

For comparison: In 2000, 6.6 percent interest rate would have to be paid for such a loan on average. Are the interest rates for 15 years wedded, then property developers currently have to count out loud FMH average with an interest rate of 1.89 percent? There were times only 1.45 percent in October.

Solid financing

From the data is also to recognize that the Beleihungs outlet, so the percentage of the house or apartment value, the credit covers, with 76.7 percent last is relatively low. These let’s close reversed to a high average equity ratio and in turn on sound financing concepts, says Neumann.

The average loan amount was slightly reduced to 191,000 euros., Is also worth noting that many borrowers currently invested in a speedy repayment of the loan. Here, a high initial repayment rate to the target interpret way to repay the loan as quickly as possible, and also to a substantial financing.

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In February, therefore, the average repayment rate exceeded again the mark of 3 percent. On average, borrowers chose a fixed interest rate of 13 years and four months. The data is based on approximately 35,000 transactions over about 4 billion euros a month.