It is quite possible that many of your competitors have already got on to the social networking bandwagon, and are successfully networking their way to a stronger presence on the web, enhanced credibility, and more customers.

Things have changed a lot now that buying goods and services has become a lot safer and a lot more popular thanks to tighter security of your personal and financial details, a stream lined, quick and efficient delivery of goods and the massive explosion of downloadable products that make buying certain services practically instantaneous.

The on-line presence of major stores and well-known brands along with a plethora of small businesses has brought to the global world an unimaginable array of items to choose from, imagine the size of an Amazon store in the bricks and mortar world.

All of this has brought about a different way that customers now like to do business, thanks to the fact that the Internet is so vast and anonymous, buyers prefer to buy from people they like and trust, they like to know about you and are interested in your on-line profile.

Create profiles on some of the social networking sites such as:

  • Facebook with over 600 million active users has recognized this surge in interest from both the general public and the business community and has recently updated its Facebook fan page for businesses, brands, media and public figures in order to allow users to interact with other pages through likes and comments, get notifications when fans interact with your page or posts and to see activity from the pages you like in your news feed.
  • Twitter has over 56 million users.
  • YouTube now receives over 2 billion views a day.
  • LinkedIn a site that has been around since 2003 and is very popular with Internet marketers, they see it as a good way to connect to the business community, to which this site is tailored and now sees more than 12 million unique visitors a day.
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So after reading those kinds of amazing figures you can see why it makes a lot of sense to go out and create profiles on these and the many other social networking sites on the web.

Most social networking sites start with a profile page so use this opportunity to position your business and market your skills, give the necessary contact information and your web address. By taking the time to build your profile, adding great content and being approachable you will be able to reach out to many, many more buyers than conventional advertisers could ever hope to and remember it’s also a much more cost effective way of promoting yourself than the off-line alternatives. You want to make friends on Facebook and other social networking sites but it’s not about collecting masses of random names it’s about having a targeted list of connections who are interested in your expertise and what you have to offer, and who are into networking regularly that will be best for your business but avoid constant promotion and aggressive marketing tactics.

The trick to using these methods to enhance your on-line business obviously has a learning curve, but you can get training and guidance in your Internet venture by becoming a member of a coaching program, therefore before you dive in do some research and choose one that you feel comfortable with, you won’t regret it.

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